the BEST is yet to come!

Silvetty de la Paz

Born on April 7th 1986 I reside in Curaçao together with my husband Richards Martina. I consider myself a young leader that stands for continuous growth and personal development. Coming from a very simple and humble family I learned from a young age that everything you dream of is possible! Our achievements; professionally and personally are defined by our hard work and determination.

In 2015, after going through a self-discovery path I discovered my life purpose and prepared myself to be of value in any aspect possible for individuals, institutions and businesses. I strongly believe that everyone has a beautiful and powerful gift to give to this WORLD. Reason why I graduated at the CAPP Institute as personal development and executive coach. My aim is to be of high impact and empower individuals to live a limitless life.

My intention in life is to always
share a little sparkle everywhere

Starting 2021, I will share the sparkle through my personal development and executive coaching sessions, high impact presentations and trainings. My international experiences as a member of JCI and multicultural trainings experienced in among Ecuador, Brazil, Malaysia and Puerto Rico to mention a few is of great support to help you do something new, experience growth, and be BOLD in your actions and future choices.

I TRAVEL TO LEARN~ Silvetty de la Paz

Personal development, growth and change have always fascinated me. I consider myself a leader, lifelong and change maker.

For almost 8 years I experienced that the best education lies in traveling.

Places I have visited:

  • USA; Florida (Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale), Atlanta-Georgia, Boulder- Colorado, St. Louis-Missouri.
  • Netherlands
  • Suriname
  • Bolivia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Puerto Rico
  • Malaysia
  • Dominican Republic
  • India
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Qatar
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Estonia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Isla Roatan (Honduras)

Professional Career

Master’s degree in Business Administration

I hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration and more than 10 years of professional experience in financial services in among other the banking sector, retail and utility sector. In addition, I am certified by Prince2 and have a certificate in Effective Personal Productivity by LMI Caribbean. In my current and past positions, I performed exceeding the expectations with high level of problem solving, creativity, critical & analytical thinking skills and decision-making skills. Recently I started as a part time teacher on the subjects 21st century skills and leadership.


I am convinced that I was powerfully created to inspire and empower individuals. My life purpose is to positively impact everyone I encounter through growth and a mindset change. Through-out my life journey it has become more clear that the subject’s education and proper development of young professionals are main ways to fulfill my purpose. As of 2021, I will officially serve as a high impact coach, professional speaker and trainer with local and international experiences, committed to help YOU reach your highest, limitless expression of yourself!

Contributions and treasures

SHE Leads conference Curacao

Change is the only constant in this world. Many of us are focused on rewards and recognition instead on being meaningful, and of value. Through this movement, founded by Silvetty de la Paz in 2019 you will be encouraged and inspired to be the BEST YOU!


NOSTRA Growth is a firm focused on inspiring bold, impactful and courageous transformation! We help you in achieving your Greatest and Limitless life!

Junior Chamber International

As an active citizen and member of the organization Junior Chamber International, I have been contributing in the growth of young leaders locally and internationally. Since 2012, I have served in leadership roles on local, national and international level of JCI. In 2020, as JCI International Vice President I positively impacted over 600 young leaders in America from Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico and Puerto Rico furthermore empowered members in Dominican Republic.


“She's a talented experienced Self-made role model using her experience, love and motivational skills to help others grow and move forward. To Me this is the true definition of being leader”.
Sissi Ignacio
“When I met Silvetty, she was a very observant person. Very conservative and was giving the impression that she may be really shy! Little by little Silvetty opens up and becomes this strong minded woman with a vision, where she wants to go and to look into how to achieve them. In One phrase: From Shy to everything is possible, as long as you put your mind to do so!”.
Roxy Martina
I am able to help you as a leader and make your mark on the world, even if you don't currently believe you can due to the limits of your current perception.